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Mission Statement
To provide the true independent broker with all the tools necessary to become highly successful in today’s marketplace. We strive to be the best at what we do through time sensitive service, product availability, strong technology and effective compliance.

Service is our heritage. CFS is an independent broker-dealer with its main office in Minot, North Dakota. The firm was founded over 20 years ago with a simple philosophy, to provide a compliance structure for independent representatives, to process the business of the representatives promptly, and to pay commissions accurately and on-time. Those standards continue today and have made CFS one of the finest broker-dealers in the Midwest.


The firm’s primary business is to provide investment products and services to independent representatives and sales groups. This service and support can be summed up in one word: responsive. We provide quick turnaround on questions and requests including commission inquiries, advertising approvals, state licensing and compliance questions. We call you back the same day with answers, or to update you on our progress for specific tasks. We consider our representatives to be our clients and believe they should be treated as such.

Your success is our business. CFS offers a full array of mutual funds, variable annuities and variable life contracts, and brokerage services are offered through our correspondent broker-dealer. CFS is also an SEC Registered Investment Advisor and offers fee-based investment advice through a number of one-time and ongoing investment advisory agreements. We also have an ongoing commitment to provide the products our representatives need to drive their business. CFS’ policy is to sign dealer agreements for additional products at the rep’s request after a review of the product.

Individuality is our strength. Our support staff will take the time to learn about your business. Your unique needs are important to us and won’t be ignored because of “company policy” or “standard procedures.” We take compliance very seriously but do not consider it a “sales prevention department.” We will work with you to help you reach your sales goals and remain in compliance with securities regulations.

Technology is our advantage. We communicate regularly with our reps through email and our website, Our website contains information you can actually use, and all proprietary forms can be downloaded and printed. We also have available a powerful client management system in which client holdings and transaction information can be downloaded and used to produce consolidated customer statements on demand. This tool also provides same-day principal approval of accounts and trades, as well as comprehensive electronic storage of most customer documents, reducing or eliminating tedious copying and filing.

CFS wants to be your broker-dealer.

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Wealth Management Services

Capital Financial Services offers an array of advisory contracts to cover the needs of your clients who want a more comprehensive approach to their financial planning. The contracts range from a one-time financial analysis to complete financial management of your client’s assets.

Designed for the sophisticated investors who take a serious approach to their finances, our investment advisory services allow you to complete the financial picture for your clients! With CFS, you will be able to present your clients with an asset management program that is tailored to their individual needs with one low fee. We help you with the compliance side of this program, and leave the planning and client contact to you. And you are free to use the software of your choice for the financial planning, we do not force you to buy a proprietary system.

Advisory contracts are a great alternative to transactional business, and are available as a service to all representatives who have qualified by their state’s standards. Contact us if you need additional information regarding this specialized area of financial services.